Vitaros to be Launched in the UK

Recently, Apricus Biosciences announcement that a novel treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) was soon to be marketed was met with inevitable enthusiasm. Here we explain why this is good news for the estimated 150 million of men suffering from ED. More information on the UK launch can be found at this website.

The importance of choice when it comes to treatment cannot be underestimated. This is particularly important when treatments have sub-groups of patients that do not respond well to the active ingredient, or that are unable to use a treatment due to contraindications created by their primary illness. Many men who suffer from ED are deeply aware of this fact.

It should not be a surprise to anyone that the treatment of ED has received a substantial amount of research attention. It is for a good reason. We know that the current treatments have helped a large proportion of patients with sexual function and that this has increased their quality of life. However, as with most treatments, we also know that the current options have not been free from side-effects and have not been suitable for all patient groups. More information on the contraindications for traditional erectile dysfunction treatments can be found here.

The new treatment from Apricus Biosciences goes by the name Vitaros and is approved in Canada and Europe. It is novel in the field of ED treatment as it is the first treatment that is a topical gel. It is also a treatment that has the potential to be particularly suitable for patients that are unable to use so –called PDE5 inhibitors that are found in current treatments such as Viagra, Cialis and Spedra. Instead of PDE5 inhibitors it contains alprodastil. On average, Vitaros begins to work approximately 15 minutes after application and provides the possibility to produce an erection for two hours following administration. Some patients have reported its effects as early as 5 minutes after application, whereas others have said it can take up to 30 minutes. Common side effects include mild to moderate redness of the penis and penile tingling.

The clinical data so far has shown optimistic results, which suggests that Vitaros will be a real contender to other treatments on the market so far. More detailed information on how it works and potential side effects can be found here.