Natural Aid for ED in Red Wine

There is always a new natural erectile dysfunction (ED) fad going around, and this time it’s Moravian wine, however, Czech doctors convincingly explain the science behind this particular hunch.


As we know, the odd glass of red is recommended over other alcohols thanks to its resveratrol antioxidant, which promotes blood flow. Experts at a recent reproductive conference in Brno, claim that moderate, although regular, (between 2 and 4 deciliters daily) red wine consumption will aid diabetics who experience erectile dysfunction.  Diabetic men often suffer with ED because of blood flow restriction but also because of medication side effects.


This resveratrol antioxidant, found in high concentration in Moravian wine, has an effect on the endothelium of the blood vessels, a layer of cells lining the surface of their interior. It works directly on blood flow and, experiments on animals, at the Sexological Institute of the First Medicine Faculty, in the Prague’s Charles University, show that the cells of the penis were particularly affected by it.  


Since this report, wine makers responsible for this Czech wine, have been concentrating on the production of this high in antioxidant red wine. The high content in the wine is the result of the grapes undergoing a longer period of pressing. It is thought to be so beneficial that it may even be sold in pharmacies there.


It is true that drinking large amounts of alcohol can have the opposite effect on erectile dysfunction, but as with heart disease, drinking moderate amounts of red wine, have been shown to improve sexual function in this area. The New Scientist reported on an Australian study a few years ago that looked at the effects of moderate drinking on ED, which took into account all of the various risk factors for this condition. It transpired, those who drank moderately had fewer problems than those who were abstinent, rates were 25 to 30% lower in fact.


There is also some evidence to suggest that men who do not follow the popular, and widely known for its health benefits, Mediterranean diet, are in worse shape than their Med diet aficionados in terms of cardiovascular health. This sort of diet includes lots of fruit and veg, beans, lentils, and other legumes. It also includes olive oil, fish and grains. Meat and poultry are consumed rarely. A small study went on to show that men with erectile dysfunction, and who were on this diet, had less risk of heart attack and stroke.


Having ED can be a strong indication of an underlying health problem such as diabetes or cardiovascular health issues and this condition should always be brought to the attention of a doctor as soon as possible. It is no wonder that drinking red wine is thought to also improve and maintain good heart health but moderation is recommended. It’s hard to stop at 4 deciliters for most I bet but maybe worth a try! 

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