Caverject Alternatives

It is not difficult to understand that it can be quite challenging to seek treatment for erectile dysfunction as it is somewhat embarrassing to discuss in face-to-face consultations. As with any condition, different treatments work better for different individuals and whilst some may prefer Viagra, others may fee that Caverject works better. Although the same manufacturer makes them both, Caverject is out of stock until 2016 because of a production issue.

Unfortunately, supply and demand are not in perfect harmony when it comes to Caverject. This is because Pfizer do not have capacity to produce Caverject until their new factory opens. It has been estimated that this would be around 2016.

Whilst it may be frustrating to wait, at least we know that it is a matter of manufacturing processes rather than the medication being discontinued. In fact, the diversity of treatments for male sexual problems has recently been a hot topic within FDA. Whilst 2016 may feel far away, there are alternatives that can be used today.

The treatment that is the most similar to Caverject is Viridal Duo. It contains Alprodastil, which is the same active ingredient that can be found in Caverject. Overall it tends to create an erection that lasts for approximately one hour. However, it may be useful to start preparing 90 minutes prior to intercourse. This is because Viridal Duo requires a set of steps, such as mixing together Alprodastil powder with sodium chloride solution. It can also take up to 15 minutes before the erection is developed.

As with Caverject, it would not be suitable for men who are allergic to Alprodastil. Similarly, it would not protect against STIs. As with most medications, there are side effects ranging from fairly mild such as headaches and nausea, to moderate such as a temporary burning whilst it is injected and more frequent and longer erections and even severe such as painful urination and uncontrollable muscle movement.

Another similar treatment is called MUSE. Like Caverject and Viridal Duo, it contained Alprodastil. In order to use the treatment, a man must use an applicator to insert a pellet into the penis. It is recommended that the person then rolls the penis in their hands for about ten seconds so that the distribution of the medication is even. The most common side effect is penile bleeding, which is often the result of the pellet being inserted incorrectly.

Although this gives a very basic idea of the available options, it does not answer all the questions that are unique to each patient’s circumstance. Those questions can best be answered through consultations.

You can get online consultations for erectile dysfunction these days and one of the leading providers of such services in the UK is The Online Clinic, where Viridal Duo and MUSE are both available. It is also possible to get a quick consultation with a pharmacist at a Boots store if you want to avoid going to see your GP but are wary of online consultations.  Please note however that a pharmacist is very limited in what they can prescribe and a doctor appointment may be recommended.