How do you find genuine erectile dysfunction treatment online?


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We have established our website on erectile dysfunction clinics as there is now a plethora of online clinics that are selling various prescription medications to treat erectile dysfunction. Many of the clinics are simply ripping people off with their extortionate prices and sometimes fake medication. We wanted to provide an independent assessment of each of the clinics that we come across in order that consumers can become better informed.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction describes a medical condition where men cannot achieve an erection that is sufficient for penetration.  There are many potential underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and it is always advisable to get the matter investigated in case there is another medical condition that requires treatment. Patients with cardiovascular disease often suffer from erectile dysfunction, as do patients with diabetes. Erectile dysfunction can also be a side effect of some medications. Certain blood pressure medications are well known to cause erectile dysfunction as one of the side effects.


There are several erectile dysfunction treatments from which to choose these days. Viagra is still the best known as it was the first oral medication to be launched so it retains this first mover advantage. Viagra is no longer on patent in the UK so there are licensed generic products available at a fraction of the cost of the branded treatment. Cialis is another well-known medication and it has a reputation as “the weekend pill” as it has a long half-life and only one tablet will last for 36 hours. This feature is clearly attractive for people looking to have multiple sexual encounters over a two day period. There are other treatments that are not oral medications so they can be a little less convenient. One such treatment is MUSE, which is a medicated suppository that is inserted into the urethra.  Another treatment is Caverject, which is an injection. Another injection is available called Invicorp.

Our Ethos

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